Club nights are on Friday nights between 7pm and 8pm at The Aquadome. The Aquadome is located at Wellington East Girls College. Enter via Gate A (not the main gate) off Paterson Street and follow the driveway up to the Netball Courts where there is plentiful parking).

Maranui Swimming Club hires the whole heated indoor pool complex and divides it up into lanes for groups with different skill levels. We swim every Friday night in a school term, other than Good Friday.

Our Friday night programme consists of a mix of event and straight swimming nights. We put variety and fun into the club night activity, which enhances the skill training, and creates greater interest and personal satisfaction. We aim to have one different, fun or structured event each month, such as:

  • Fun chocolate fish nights

  • Bring a friend night

  • Club Championships (generally over two club nights)

  • Swim-A-Thon

  • Award and prize giving nights

  • Specialist stroke nights

  • Costume night (early November)

  • Grand final night for the year.

Swimmers are placed in groups according to age, ability and personal comfort.

  • The beginners (Learn to Swim) group relates to ages five (with water confidence) to seven years.

  • The main membership of the Club comprises seven to sixteen year old members of differing abilities.

  • The Club does not usually have members aged above 16, but an existing member may stay on until they are 19 or 20.

A programme is produced at the start of each year which highlights both the activities for the year and dates when the Club does not swim. See the announcements for the current schedule or our shared calendar

Lanes (Swim Squads)

Swimmers progress through a series of coloured 'lanes' as their swimming capabilities improve.

All the coaches work together to assess the abilities of each swimmer. They then make decisions on when each swimmer should progress based upon several measures including your child’s ability in all strokes and space being available in the next lane.

Each coach tailers the tuition to the range of swimmer's abilities they currently have in the lane.


  • Red (Begineers) - Shallow pool

  • Orange (Beginners) - Shallow pool

  • Yellow - Lane1

  • Green - Lane 6

  • Blue - Lane 5

  • Aqua - Lane 3

  • White - Lane 2

  • Silver- Lane 4

Learning Objectives

These are a guideline, coaches will continue to extend the ability of individual swimmers in each lane should they already meet the objectives.


  • Arm circles with kicking with aid blowing bubbles 4-6m

  • Independent streamline kicking on front

  • Independent streamline kicking on back

  • Bubble arm breath

  • Kicking on side - Bubble eyes up


  • Freestyle 10m

  • Kicking on side with freestyle restart 10m

  • Backstroke with rotation 10-15m

  • Deep Water (front & back swim)


  • Freestyle 25m

  • Backstroke with rotation 25m

  • Introduction to race dive


  • Butterfly kick

  • Introduction to breaststroke

  • Smooth freestyle 1 length

  • Smooth backstroke 1 length


  • 5 minutes continuous swim

  • Breaststroke 1 length

  • Race dives

  • Introduction to butterfly


  • Introduction to tumble-turns

  • Butterfly for 12m

  • Smooth freestyle 2 lengths

  • Smooth backstroke 2 lengths

  • Smooth breaststroke 2 lengths


  • 15 minutes continuous swim

  • Smooth freestyle 200m

  • Smooth backstroke 200m

  • Smooth breaststroke 100m

  • Butterfly for 1 length

  • Smooth tumble-turns


  • Smooth freestyle 400m

  • Smooth backstroke 400m

  • Smooth breaststroke 200m

  • Butterfly for 2 lengths

  • Regularly using tumble-turns