About Us

Maranui Swimming Club was established in 1964. It has been staffed over that time by great people who voluntarily give of their time, expertise and passion to ensure our young swimmers get a little bit extra by way of inspiration and motivation. There is a strong focus on individual proficiency and water safety.

Maranui Swimming Club is a registered Incorporated Society and our key Officers are listed below

  • President - Ron Watt - 4792276

  • Vice President - Robin Tapp - 3889475

  • Secretary - Mary Gray - 3809960

  • Treasurer - Vyvette Najbert

  • Club Captain - Sue Tuia - 3878437

Volunteer Coaches

Our volunteer coaches are the club’s greatest asset, committing many hours over the years to help Wellington children improve their swimming.

More Volunteers Needed

Heather Albrecht

Mary Gray

Neil Tapp

Robin Tapp

Ron Watt

Steffan Cavill-Fowler