Members are placed in groups according to age, ability and personal comfort.

The young Learn to Swim group relates to ages four (with water confidence) to seven years.
The main membership of the Club comprises seven to eighteen year old members of differing abilities.

Generally, the Club does not have members above 18 years of age although an existing member may stay on until 19 or 20 years of age

As part of the annual subscription, a swimmer becomes a member of Swim Wellington and Swimming New Zealand.

How to Join

Prospective members are invited to contact one of the Club Committee – see ‘Contact Us’ section.

Alternatively, and preferably, prospective members are most welcome to initially attend a Club night and discuss membership with one of the Committee or Coaches. We encourage prospective members to participate in two or three club nights prior to joining. This is to ensure what we have to offer fulfils what the swimmer and/or their parent or guardian is looking for.

On joining a Membership Application will need to be completed. This gives the Club details of both the member plus their parent or Guardian and the opportunity to state any medical or other issues the parent or Guardian considers should be brought to the Club’s attention. There is also a privacy statement on the form which covers release of information relative to the wider membership of Swim Wellington and Swimming New Zealand. The procedure for payment of the subscription is also on the form.

An Application for Membership can be downloaded from here.

Subscription / Fees

The Club charges a minimal annual subscription for membership which is currently:

  • $85 for one swimmer
  • $170 for two swimmers
  • $230 for three swimmers
  • $280 for four swimmers.
  • No family will pay more than $280. 
(N.B. The structured subscriptions only apply to members of the same immediate family.)

In addition to the Club’s annual subscription:

  • Each swimmer also pays the Wellington City Council pool entry fee
  • Each spectator pays the Wellington City Council spectator entry fee

WCC Pool Charges (concessions can be used)

(Unfortunately the Club has no control over these additional charges.)

The Club’s subscription year runs from 1st April until 31 March (our financial year). 

For existing members, subscriptions are invoiced during April each year.

When a member joins during the year, the subscription is payable on joining date.

The following discounted subscriptions apply to members joining during the second half of the financial year.

  • 1st October to 31st December $60
  • 1st January to 28th February $40
  •  March free
(Family concession subscriptions are applied on the same proportionate basis.)

There is no separate joining fee.