About Us

Maranui Swimming Club was established in 1964. From that time until the present, it has been staffed by great people who voluntarily give of their time, expertise and passion to ensure our young swimmers get a little bit extra by way of inspiration and motivation. There is a strong focus on individual proficiency and water safety.

Several years ago the Club recognised a need for an organisation which operated more in the middle ground between competitive swimming and very young age learning. While there is still opportunity for both, adopting a formula of being a Club where our swimmers can come, have some fun, learn the skills while enjoying being part of the group, has proven to be extremely successful.

The environment which the Club creates fosters self-achievement and attainment through the non-pressure competitive aspects of varied activities. This includes an annual Club Championships – following which each swimmer gets a performance recognition certificate.

The Club is a registered Incorporated Society and as such is governed and operates accordingly.

Find Us

Club nights for Maranui Swimming Club are conducted at Freyberg Pool and Fitness Centre, 139 Oriental Parade, Wellington. Freyberg pool is a heated indoor 33-meter pool, owned by Wellington City Council and open to the public.

Maranui Swimming Club hires this facility for Friday Club activity between 7.00pm and 8.00pm.

Freyberg Pool & Fitness Centre